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JSim Source Code Standards

This page is for the current JSim version 2.0. Click here for the earlier JSim 1.6 version.


This document describes coding standards for JSim Java source code. It is intended for those contributing Java source code to the JSim CVS archive. JSim is a large program (currently about 80,000 lines), so ensuring some uniformity of appearance is very helpful to those who must read and understand the code.

Since the present author (Erik Butterworth) wrote about 95% of the existing code, the coding conventions described here are I follow. I do not to claim these to be the best of all possible conventions, only that by following these conventions, JSim's code base will be more consistent, and therefore more readable.

This a my first try at this document. It will, no doubt, evolve over time. Sun has done some nice work on Java conventions. I urge readers to consider that document, which is much more complete that this one here. I do differ in some particulars, however. Ultimately, JSim coding conventions will always be some blend of standard conventions and JSim-specific conventions.

JSim Source Code Conventions

General conventions:

Format and Indenting


JSim-specific conventions

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